We look after you and are readily available. We take care of repairs promptly and we respect your privacy

We are appropriately selective about our tenants and have a range of filters to ensure that our tenants fit the properties that we have available.

If you want to be a tenant with Zen Property please use the contact information to get in touch. If we don’t have anything available we will add your details to a waiting list and let you know when we have something available.

The benefits for Zen Property tenants are:

Our apartments are all maintained to a high standard and come furnished with modern facilities and utilities

You get your own private whatsapp group with our management team

Prompt response on any problems / issues with your tenancy

Maintenance issues and other concerns on any properties in our portfolio are dealt with promptly with clear and easy communication with our team

We keep track of the shifting patterns of rents and rates to ensure that we remain competitive whilst providing an outstanding service.

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you would like to live in at one of our properties.